How to Create Global Activity Codes and Use ‘AND OR’ Filters – Primavera Tips & Tricks: Tip 69

How to Create Global Activity Codes and Use 'AND OR' Filters in Oracle Primavera P6 In this month’s newsletter, we will examine Filters in the Activities page. Filters are one of the foundation elements in P6 for evaluating information in complex schedules and/or in multiple schedules. P6 provides various options for extracting information

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On-Premises vs Cloud: Which is Right for You?

Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud computing differs from on-premises software in one critical way. While a company hosts everything in-house in an on-premise environment, in a cloud environment, a third-party provider, like Oracle for example, hosts these components for you. This allows companies to pay on an “as-needed” basis and effectively scale up or down depending

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How to Create Custom Print Templates in Primavera Unifier – Primavera Tips & Tricks: Tip 68

How to Create Custom Templates in Primavera Unifier In this post we will focus on how to create and configure Custom Print in Unifier. In Primavera Unifier, there are multiple customisation opportunities to fulfill your reporting requirements in the way of user defined reports, custom reports, and custom print. Customisation of formatted reports is

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How P6 & Acumen go Hand-in-Hand – Part II – Primavera Tips & Tricks: Tip 67

In Part I of this blog, we discussed the compatibility of Oracle Primavera P6 and Deltek Acumen and demonstrated the risk evaluation process for an in-progress schedule. In Part II we will examine schedule critique, analysis and acceleration. Here are two simple processes to assist in developing better schedules to promote and enhance your project outcomes.

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How P6 & Acumen go Hand-in-Hand – Part I – Primavera Tips & Tricks: Tip 66

In this month’s blog, we will discuss the compatibility of Oracle Primavera P6 and the Deltek Acumen suite. In combination, these tools can provide significant opportunities to improve the quality of Project outcomes. Oracle Primavera P6 is the premier Scheduling application that meets most industry requirements, and when combined with Deltek Acumen Fuse, Risk

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Activities Global Change – Primavera Tips & Tricks: Tip 65

In this month’s Tips & Tricks, we will examine the Global Change function. Global Changes can be a very powerful addition to a Planner’s toolkit to quickly and effectively make changes in a single, or in multiple, projects. Global Changes can modify a Project in ways that may be difficult to undo so, as

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The State of ERP in Australia

The concept of enterprise resource planning dates back to as early as the 1960s when ‘Centralised Computer Systems’ were primarily used to support inventory management. Flash forward to the early 1990s and the formal term ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ (ERP) was first used to describe inter-functional systems managing different business processes; including accounting, manufacturing, distribution

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What is the Future of ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is the backbone of many organisations, managing important processes throughout the entire enterprise. As the world increasingly goes digital, organisations can expect their ERP systems to be upgraded and extended with cutting edge technology. Read on for insights on the future of ERP from our inaugural State of ERP

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What’s New in P6 EPPM 19?

Early 2019 saw the release of the first iteration of Primavera P6 EPPM 19. Oracle will continue to update the cloud version of P6 EPPM 19 until it is made available to on-premise users in August. Once all features have been launched in August, the P6 experts at Prescience Technology release an annual eGuide

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Schedule Quality & Project Success

A good plan makes a great project. But what exactly constitutes a ‘good’ plan, and how do you benchmark and standardise your project plans against industry standards, all while predicting and mitigating against potential risks that threaten your project’s success? Last November, Prescience Technology’s Chief Operating Officer, Wayne Wilson, spoke on this topic at the Project

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